20140804 Bainbridge-v-Du Wors Case no. 20704302 Criminal complaint fourth degree assault

Du Wors enjoys beating his wife and daughter, one such incident, on August 2nd, 2014 resulted in his arrest. From the Statement of Probable Cause (below), “On 08/02/2014 I responded to 11356 Olympic Terrace Ave for aDV Assault I met with the victim Amber Du-Wors “who stated **her husband John D Du-Wors had pushed her to the ground**. I could see **Amber had fresh scrape marks on her left leg, on her arms, neck and face**. Amber stated she had locked herself in a room and **John forced his way into the room**. Some of this event was recorded by Amber. I watched this recording and saw that John had forced his way into the room that Amber had tried to lock herself into. **John reached in then and grabbed Amber by the head, neck and arms**. Amber then ran outside to lock herself in her vehicle to prevent John from assaulting her. **This is where John caught her and threw her to the ground**.” Our hearts go out to Amber and her unfortunate circumstance.