Amin “Andy” Lakha and Jan Wallace’s Davi Skin pump and dump partners party in Cannes, France

Jan Wallace and Amin Lakha partnered to pump and dump Davi Skin stock through Hepburn Holdings, their Cayman Island secret shell corporation. Unsurprisingly, public filing disclosures fail to detail their scheme, instead the pair masqueraded as Davi Skin’s CEO and investor. How perverted and disgusting the pair present publicly efforts to help Carlo Mondavi’s startup, while secretly using the employees, the company, the investing public to conduct their fraud. Impressively, they bounced from the Secure Diversified Investment fraud to Davi Skin without so much as skipping a beat. See the Davi Skin trade spreadsheet breakdown.

Below Wallace and Lakha are enjoying each other as they party on Lakha’s yacht during the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

Jan Wallace and Amin Lahka on his yacht in Cannes France 2006.
Jan Wallace and Amin Lakha have partnered on a number of orchestrated frauds, namely where Wallace and Cane wreak havoc on shell corporations as a way to conceal their pump-and-dump frauds.



As part of consideration for Amin Lahka’s loan to Davi Skin, he receives shares in Hepburm Holdings. See also Lakha’s interest in Russian escorts. See also Lakha’s conspiring with Tony Robbins.