John David Du Wors

Hand sketched portrait of John David Du Wors.
Portrait of John David Du Wors in all his grubby hand glory. Hands not shown because they are in your piggy-bank.

Fret not Attorney John Du Wors fans, our tribute to the master of client-f**king will return with as much fanfare and glitz. Until then, below are a few choice audio highlights from a recent case between Du Wors and another of his fans.

The full hearing is also available below.

Jump to 18:30 for instant gratification.

John D. Du Wors v. Houston Wade, November 6, 2018, Full Protection Order Hearing, Du Wors seeking an Order for Protection against Bainbridge Island Bad List and Houston Wade. (After serving them with an un-filed defamation suit.) Du Wors states that the website and comments has severe negative impact on Mr. Du Wors’ professional clients and business partners.

Various excerpts from the above audio. Mr. Du Wors’ testimony (8:27) for order for protection and harassment and stalking because he doesn’t like that is conduct is publicized. Listen to Mr. Du Wors whining (12:00), (12:57) Du Wors, “tremendous professional and social problems as well as severe emotional distress”, (13:30) The list of what Mr. Du Wors has issue with. “Never one other than” (14:30), “Plead guilty to hit and run.” (16:32) “I maybe able to” in response to controlling what Mr. Du Wors see’s on his Facebook page.”, (19:47) Du Wors, “mischaracterization”, (19:58) Judge, “but is it true you have conviction of imprisonment of a minor and domestic violence”, (in a penis-less voice) Du Wors, ” in 2012″, “so yes”, “ok”, “so about DV conviction”, “same thing”, “so, ok so yes correct”, “correct”, (20:50) “Here’s the thing that your honor should focus on…” – great strategy Mr. Du Wors.